Friday, January 7, 2011

Who's Not Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

I'm  not! (Sorry for misspelling your name, Virginia, in my last post.) Many of us have grown up with this phrase "who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Elizabether Taylor and Richard Burton made it a household presence, though the movie completely missed the point. This is an example of the erasure of one woman's generous genius as well as an example of the general erasure of women in patriarchy overall, as evidenced by our floundering fathers' constitution of, by and for men, which as noted previously, WOMEN ARE STILL POINTING OUT IS COMPLETELY WRONG, while men continue to think we are engaged in a debate!! I think women need our own constitution, which would be part of a room of our own, a country of our own, a planet of our own, because Earth has currently been usurped by the real pms, the patriarchal mind set. On the other hand, if women were really free, we wouldn't need a constitution because we know what is right, intuitively, telepathically, naturally. Afterall, Mother bears don't  have a constitution that was created by the male bears, who often kill and eat their babies. We all know what Mother bears do. They fiercely and ferociously protect their babies. 

So, if you are not afraid of Virginia Woolf, then you must be a deeply creative woman in your own right, and, even if you are afraid of Virginia, you are still a deeply creative woman longing for a safe place to flower.  It is time for women to claim our space, even if the insane male "justices" are completely afraid of Virginia, and believe me, they surely are! It is time for women to shed the introjects (internalized patriarchal projections) of "not enough", "too sensitive",  "too big", "too small", and just generally, too much of this and not enough of that, as defined by the pms. And even that is an introject! We think we have pms, which has been projected onto us for so long that we now hold it in our bodies! Enough!!

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