Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why a blog of her own?

A blog of her own is like having a room of her own in cyberspace. Why is this important? Because if our species is to survive, women's voices need to be heard. Right now women are attempting once again to add the equal rights amendment to the constitution, here in 2011! According to Supreme Court "justice" Scalia, "person" in the the 14th amendment does not mean women, and therefore women are not equally protected by the constitution. My head spins at the complete insanity of this arrogant sexism. I wonder where Scalia thinks he came from.

Author Virginia Wolfe felt it was important for women to have a room of their own. What does this mean? Well, if we studied her writing in school to any degree, like we do men constantly from the time we can read and write, we would know that she meant women need our own space to be who we are, free from patriarchal conditioning. For Virginia, she valiantly tried, and felt she could not cope. Had she had sisterhood instead of crippling isolation in a male-dominated world, she would have been able to not only cope, but thrive.

This blog invites any and every woman to find a true reflection of herSelf that is wholy/holy femme, untainted by male conditioning, free from fear and open to the true ecstatic nature of the divine She that women are.

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