Sunday, January 23, 2011

The YoniVerse--Part 1

I wondered for a long time who it was that decided the beginning of creation came from something called the big bang.  When I learned that patriarchy finds its existence through male domination of everything,  it was no surprise to me that androcentric science came up with the notion of the big bang--an idea perhaps stemming from the same fascination two-year toddler boys have with their private parts. Toddler boys are genuinely curious, whereas a toddler presence in a grown male body is another matter entirely. The two-year old fascination has grown into something far more peculiar and dangerous--a narcissistic, obsessive, entitled god complex assuming that everthing comes from the great ejaculating pillar of all consuming power, even though we all know that life comes into being in the sacred womb of the female and emerges into form through the sacred yonic gateway. The denial necessary to uphold the lie of the cosmic ejaculation has been ruinous for humanity. Had science adopted what our early Paleolithic and Neolithic ancestors knew--that the parthenogenetic Mother/Goddess was the eternal All and that everything came forth from Her and returned to Her, we would all be much better off. The usurpation of sacred female powers can be tracked from one culture to another, with many stories telling how men, out of jealousy, stole women's power to use as their own. The examples of this coup are woven into the fabric of every current belief system patriarchy has man-aged to put forth as truth, bought and sold intergenerationally until we have been so duped that we will defend our dupeness to the death. That is some strange, wierd twist beyond words. It's like the creation of a reverse DNA spiral--a serious mutation.

The word "uni" is a cognate of "yoni". I think YoniVerse much more accurately describes where we come from and where we live. According to Barbara Walker, author of many books including the Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets,  Uni was an Etruscan name for "the Great Mother's holy trinity, a 'three-in-one' Goddess who gave birth to the uni-verse. She was represented by the sign of female genitals." (Walker, Women's Encyclopedia, p. 1027). All throughout both the Paleolithic and Neolithic, the symbol of the vulva is found the world over inscribed in rock art, emphasized and exaggerated in iconography, and formed into clay, ivory and bone talismans that were carried and/or worn. This gateway symbol of life and regeneration, the pubic V,  represented a continuous sacred living energy for thousands of years, informing the lives of our ancestors with a deep understanding, reverence and connection to the female reality of the cosmos--hardly a big bang. The systematic erasure of the truth of the female cosmos by patriarchy has created a logos-heavy reality that worships male self-importance as the supreme creative cosmic force. This all-consuming denial of our ancestors' wisdom has resulted in a hatred of women so heinous that global destruction in myriads of forms and rampant selfishness can be the only outcomes.

It is time for us to change our mythologies and reclaim the wisdom, truth, beauty and peace our ancestors have wanted us to know for a very long time.

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